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Gender Male
Industry Military
Location Homosassa, Florida, United States
Introduction I was born in southern California and arrived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in time for the start of WWII with the Japanese air attack on December 7, 1941. My mom was hanging up some clothes in the back of our military housing unit at Hickam Field, when the first wave of Zero fighters and bombers began strafing and bombing the island. Mom grabbed me up as she ran to the kitchen of our apartment... she piled two kapoc stuffed mattresses over a little table and crawled with me under it... then we waited out the attack. Thus began a life that most people will if not envy, find hard to believe. Growing up as a young boy and teenager in Southern California was a time and place that will never be lived again. We had the cars and the girls and the beaches and the freeways and the music that has become legion. I joined the Navy at seventeen and spent twenty years steaming to most of the earth’s seas. After retiring from the navy I spent the next two and half decades aboard my personal sailboat. I have lived or visited over sixty countries and I lived through the good and the bad and the wives and the laughter and tears.
Interests Traveling is high on the list and I enjoy writing and art and periodically I will plant a flower. I am also a sailor at heart and miss those vagabond days living for the moment and chasing sunsets.
Favorite Movies ...its old and a bit camp, but I love "From Here to Eternity" filmed circa 1954. A study of ordinary people in unordinary times.
Favorite Music Like many older folks, I prefer music I can understand. I guess I never get tired of Steely Dan...
Favorite Books I read about 20 to 30 novels each year... If I bump into a James Lee Burke, I always enjoy the ride.