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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation Astronaut | Scientist | Diplomat | Physicist | Entanglement amplification
Location USA, Tokyo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Delft, Vienna, San Francisco Bay Area, United States
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Introduction Converging Technologies・Global Leadership・Quantum Entanglement・The Future of Spaceflight

Cofounder・CEO・Chairman・Chief Scientist・Quantum Technologist・NASA-trained Commercial Astronaut


Research foci: Breakthrough physics, ER=EPR, quantum technology. Next-generation spaceflight; macroscopic quantum coherence, entanglement and superposition in space, microgravity, and novel research environs
Interests Astronautics and space exploration, quantum technologies, entanglement in novel and untested environments, macroscopic effects, superconducting nanoelectronics, adaptive quantum networks, disruptive technologies, aerospace, gliding, soaring, piloting; international travel and affairs; proficient in several martial arts: kendo, shodan (first degree black belt) rank kyudo, judo, muay thai, kali, escrima, and arnis; motorcycling, roadracing; rock climbing and rappelling; scuba diving; electronic music production
Favorite Music granular synthesis, digital signal processing, low frequency morphic resonance, infrasound, metasynth, idm, logic pro, max/msp, hia, Ae
Favorite Books arXiv:quant-ph