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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation I own a church in indianapolis indiana
Location indianapolis, indiana, United States
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Introduction holy spirit enters into me like body perfect size and shows me in visions: 5-21-2012-bobby its janette, this is hollie, its, hollie that explains, appears, put it under, hollie said, showed, lay down, it was her, same, but, she looked like more normal hollie, its JEsus with the watch, like big Jesus, lighted watch, that had face, bobby, it, its, end time prophetic ministry, I created it, it was JEsus, jumpy hollie said, but, she didnt move lips, but, thats like, very light see thru gray covering, she did move, but it was hid, I hid, ministry of dreams, saith the LOrd, why do you steal, I spoke and created it, like, world prophecy center, and even, prophecy ministry, these are the websites, of, ministryofdreams, saith the Lord, look, theres it indexing in google, number one, but google angel appearing, growing size and becoming unhappy, hollie that explains comes out, showed, its, just angel like ghost man, for i the Lord will make you run to remove all the names I created, just wait untill you need me saith the LOrd, it was Jesus, hollie said, but hollie explains, appears, showed cut it off,
Interests I own and have pastored my own church, new world order apostolic church
Favorite Movies you want it you got it, hollie that explains said, but didnt move lips, wore white, saith the Lord, its, speedway indiana clock, face appears on, but, hey, hollie said, its the unhappy new world order apostolic, angel appearing, its like dot, hollie said, dot of light, but he looked and said in heart, bobby dont sell me, its bob hickman and his wife janette living at, and people coming, saith Jesus
Favorite Music Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size when I was 32, now i'm 45
Favorite Books holy ghost came inside me like body perfect size and showed me in visions: bobby I the Lord, hollie came out, its, her that explains, raise your hands and repeat after me, you dont need it, hollie said, but thats explains appeared, didnt say nothing, but just stood there, saith the LOrd

hollie screams, raise your hands and repeat at, she said, jumpy hollie screams, but not heard, twisted head, but, she, didnt, showed, move lips,