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Introduction 早稲田大学法学部卒業。三菱商事他で幅広い経営部門を経験。自らの経験を通して行き過ぎた物質至上主義の弊害を深く実感し、人間に不可欠な精神価値を創造する具体的手法をシェアしています。一人でも多くの人の目覚めを支援でき、世界が変わる一助になれば幸いです。Hitoshi Tsuchiyama received Bachelor of Laws from Waseda University in Tokyo and worked for Mitsubishi Corporation and some other companies located in Tokyo. Through his experience, he deeply feels the abuses by too extreme materialism, so he is sharing concrete methods to create essential spiritual value for humans. His aspiration is to help as many people as possible awaken true self so that the world will change for the better.