Stu Sherwin

About me

Gender MALE
Location Coventry, United Kingdom
I was brought up a Christian, but now I would class myself as an atheist. In 2004, after 23 years of trying to surpress my doubts, ignore what I saw as fundamental contradictions - internally, between individual tenets of the faith, and externally, between Christianity's picture of life and the world and my actual experience - I decided to take a raincheck.

Six years on, and the more I look into it, the more it seems to me that Christianity is wrong. I'm still very much open to demonstrations to the contrary, but I have yet to be convinced. This blog is a forum for me to explore my thoughts about philosophy and religion, primarily focusing on arguments for or against Christianity.

Posting my arguments and thoughts on a public medium forces me to try to articulate them in as clear and logically consistent a way as I can. This is a search for truth, so I'm not afraid of criticism. In fact, if you as a reader see a flaw in any argument, and do not point it out to me, you leave me to continue on a wild-goose chase.

In short: Bring it on!