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Gender Male
Occupation Retired
Location Canada
Introduction I am a 73-year young male. Now that the gays are out of the closet, women have the vote, the blacks are free, and "virtual" is becoming "real", I want ONE (number), the UNITY (ONE-ness), the Deity (what some call God) out of the Churches, Ashrams, Mosques, Temples, and Tabernacles (closets?) and back "OUT OF DOORS" and available freely to ALL! No more divisions in the name of the Deity, ONE or (the) UNITY as Plato and Swami Vivekananda called IT and what some call by the Gothic or Germanic words: GOD or LORD. The word "God" is often used in the plural (gods) to signify the many gods of pantheism. It even includes some mythological heroes and long deceased emperors of Greece, Rome, etc. and even the modern kings of industry and business, the Gurus of today who claim to be gods, to represent GOD, or to know the path to GOD. To me, ONE, the UNITY is EVERYTHING and is EVERYWHERE and EVERYWHEN (the E-Trinity). No-one can sell IT (not male, not HIM) or the path to IT. Only FOOLS buy IT from, or follow the salesmen and the "con-men" that are the religious and spiritual charlatans, to find "IT". I don't anymore! My eyes are now open.
Interests Reading (theoretical physics), Spirituality, Politics, Music
Favorite Movies Outdoors
Favorite Music Original accoustic, Clarence White, Tony Rice, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Some electronic music such as Takamita.
Favorite Books "Hyperspace" by Michio Kaku, "The Kybalion", "Flatland, A Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin A Abbott, The Fourth Dimension by C.H. Hinton, "Recyprocal Systems" and "Nothing but MOTION" by Dewey B Larson, "The Prohphet", Kahlil Gibran, "Path of the Masters" by Baba Sawan Singh The Bible (all versions for study), and the "so called" HOLY BOOKS of all Religions and Religious Movements. The Book of Mormons.