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Occupation Wife, Mother, Photographer
Location Maricopa, Arizona, United States
Introduction My love for taking pictures and capturing moments started when I was a little girl. I can still remembering hearing my family members reflecting on how I was going to be the one to capture the families memories because I took so many pictures-and that was before digital cameras! My desire to start a photography business, capturing newborn, infants, children and family moments began when my oldest daughter was just a baby. That was 10 years ago! We went to a friend of a friends house who was just starting out herself. All she had was herself and a few props and the pictures were wonderful. Since then, I knew that I could do that too. That I could cultivate my creative side in print! Once we moved to Arizona, I started looking for opportunities and can still hear my friend's voice in my ear saying, " better get yourself a camera and start taking pictures!" Thanks Robin...But, what happens from this point on, only God knows. But, I love what I am doing now and I hope you will love what we can do together!
Interests I am interested in serving God. I am interested in the girls and what they like to do. I am interested in taking more vacations, relaxing more. I love to read and take pictures.
Favorite Movies I love the movie The Color Purple...I watch it each and every time I can. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry.
Favorite Music I don't think I have listened to the radio in months! My favorite music? Whatever made up song Grace may be singing at the time with the background of gurggling from the baby.
Favorite Books I have many favorite books, I am always reading.

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