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Introduction When Jason passed from this earth at the age of 17 in 2009, he gave me powerful messages that I shared in my writings on this blog. He told me we would be doing healing work together. Jason has opened a sacred door to me of trust of seeing and understanding the wisdom that is available to us beyond our senses. My love for my son transcends form and dimension, and connects me to him in order to receive information and powerful healing from pure Source. I am blessed to have received extensive training and life experience as a healing guide, as a Reiki Master, Avatar Wizard, 25-year meditator, manifesting guide, Zegg Forum facilitator, co-counseling facilitator, health kinesiologist, sound healer, priestess, spiritually guided corporate manager, and sacred musician. The most powerful training I’ve received is from my late son Jason, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him as a healing team. My commitment is to be a guide, to assist others to connect with their own inner wisdom and Source for self-healing. It is an honor to serve with Jason to help anyone who is asking for greater connection with their own beauty, wisdom, and creativity.