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Gender Female
Location United Kingdom
Introduction Well, I seem to have stumbled into the world of blogging. Why? I'm not quite sure! I guess the main thing is I love my food and I find other blogs helpful when deciding what to buy next so I decided to have a go at letting others know what I do and don't recommend. The important thing to know about me is that, believe it or not, I watch what I eat. Having worked hard to lose over three stones a couple of years back, I spend most days of the year being careful not to end up putting it all back on again. However, I LOVE chocolate and have a general sweet tooth. As a result, each evening, I enjoy at least one snack as a reward for eating healthily the rest of the day. I intend to use this blog to review the different chocolates, biscuits and cakes I consume. Furthermore, I will provide some nutritional information, where possible, to help others who are wanting to enjoy sweet treats as part of a healthy diet. You never know, in time, I may also blog about recipes I bake on non-diet days! I've no idea how long this blog will last for, or where it will lead, but if you happen to stumble upon it, I hope you find it interesting and/or useful :) All views expressed here are my own.
Interests Chocolate Peanut butter Baking Imported snacks