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Location Queens, United States
Introduction We have a vizsla puppy, who completely overtook our lives. We adore her, and learn from her daily. Knitting and crochet became a challenge, as we both love yarn. Join us on our adventure! Vizsla kutyusunk erkezese gyokeresen megvaltoztatta az eletunket. Mindketten imadjuk a fonalakat, igy a kotes es a horgolas egy mas szinten emlitedo kihivas lett. Gyere nezz be hozzank, olvass kalandjainkrol!
Interests knitting kotes crocheting horgolas psychology pszihologia sociology sociology literature irodalom films muvesz filmek
Favorite Movies Knife in the Water (kes a vizben) Purple Moon Eskimo Woman is cold (Eszkimo Asszony Fazik) Psyche (same) A single man Eldorado Masnap (the next day)
Favorite Music Bjork Coldplay Takats Eszter
Favorite Books The reader Sonechka A tukrok varosa

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

what does color mean to you? mit jelent szamodra a szinek vilaga?