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Location Syracuse, NY
Introduction Upstate New York native (Whitney Point in northern Broome County).

Once or twice a working reporter, and once a working environmentalist (but now I do it for free).

Contract oil and gas land title searcher since 2000 B.M. (Before Marcellus).

But there's no work in New York State anymore. (Which just kills me.)

My politics, and the politics of this blog, are evolving. But, right now, we would have to say our points of emphasis are...

Pro: Shale gas, drilling, fracking, conservation, renewables, landowners, jobs, taxes, and the environment.

Con: Resource waste, water pollution, unbalanced business transactions, intentional dishonesty, and a badly misinformed citizenry.

If you'd like to get ahold of me (for purposes other than ceaseless argument), just leave an anonymous comment at the end of any post, and include your email address. I'll email you back (without publishing your comment), and we can talk that way.