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Introduction We're so cool we've even got a manifesto, much of which we stole from other yarn bombing babes so thanks in advance ladies for paving the way for us here in Cincinnati, Ohio. BOMBSHELLS MANIFESTO: We anonymously promote fiber craft as adventure. We aim to soften the edges of an otherwise cruel, harsh environment. We juxtapose vandalism with the non-threatening nature of fibers. We aim to readdress the nature of graffiti with a nonpermanent, nondestructive, cozy medium. If you don't like it, just unpick it. We are a non-discriminating collective. Cincinnati today, the world tomorrow! We are actively contributing to a more positive type of global warming. BombShell Rules: The first rule about BombShells is don't talk about BombShells. The second rule about Bombshells is don't talk about Bombshells.