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Gender Male
Industry Internet
Occupation Retired. Formerly a locum solicitor (attorney) and photographer early in my working life.
Location Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Introduction The reason why I write for these blogs, all of which are subdomains of PoC, is twofold: (1) to try and improve the welfare of cats through improved knowledge i.e. it's about education and (2) for my own benefit, to keep me occupied, to give me purpose. Senior people need purpose. We need targets and goals. We need responsibilities. We need the burden of responsibilities because we are programmed like that.
Interests Nature, animal welfare, cats, photography, walking. I really appreciate Google providing all their fantastic free services. Thanks Google. Managing and writing for my main website: https://pictures-of-cats.org/ and the other satellite sites. It has been a long journey so far of around 15 years. I never expected that. I hate sport hunting and love nature. I see the global human presence as a whole as a 'disease' on the planet, killing it.
Favorite Movies I tend to like the old movies. I am not a great fan of computer-generated imagery. I like actors to say their words clearly but they don't, so I always have the subtitles on notwithstanding that I am only watching films in English. Perhaps one of my favourite films would be Lawrence of Arabia. Another would be the first Alien film. I enjoyed Amazon Prime's Animal Kingdom. I am currently (Nov 2022) enjoying Animal Kingdom on Amazon Prime Video.
Favorite Music Blues music. I currently (2021) like watching Zhavia. In that television programme about winning a chair she sings a wonderful audition; captivating, full of nuance which I love. I also love Hans Zimmer's theme music for the film Interstellar. The music of the infinite and the loneliness of humankind. Is there someone out there in the vastness of space? Are we alone?
Favorite Books I am not very good at reading novels. I am good at reading reference books upon which I rely a lot in writing articles. It is better to refer to books than the internet if you are looking for accuracy and reliability. Perhaps my favourite book is Wild Cats of the World by Mel and Fiona Sunquist. Buy it if you are interested in the wild cats although it is gradually becoming out of date.