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Occupation I have a scrubing bubble. He works hard so I don't have to. I can just play in my clay and be an artist.
Location London, IN, United States
Introduction I share my life with my beloved, Marty, my daughter, Charlotte, Charlotte's beloved, Jason, and their son Xander, two guinea pigs, a very spoiled cockatiel, a terrific cat and a chicken. I want to bring joy to people. I can't do much but I can take a lump of clay and fashion it with love and care into something that will perhaps ease someone's pain, bring a smile to their face and light up their eyes. I can craft a little sculpture that can transport someone to another world, another time, if just for a moment. I can tell a story. I relish the feeling I get when I create something. It helps me feel accomplished and valuable. Money is nice. Recognition is good. Passing on the love I feel through a little synthetic clump of clay and daub of paint is better
Interests reading, music, visual arts, the list can go on and on. Be thankful my fingers are tired.
Favorite Movies Savage is lose, Tango and Cash, Turner and Hooch, I love camaraderie and humor but not bodily fluids humor.
Favorite Music Oh dear, this could be a long one as well. James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Yngvie Malmsteen, White Snake, Poison, The Beatles together and apart . . .
Favorite Books The Did of Didn't Think, Art and Fear, anything written by Leo Buscagila, again the list goes on. fiction and nonfiction

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

No, it looked like clouds in a wind, Inching across the table, constantly changing configuration. Then when it reached the edge it become drops falling like rain onto the floor.