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Location Lockport, New York, United States
Introduction I am a proud music whore, book slut! I recently started making and selling jewelry on etsy. The plan was to make and sell purses, until I fell in love with my friends charm bracelet and wanted my own. I love photography, sewing, writing, reading, and anything creative. I am random and fun. Sociology, pshychology, and sexuality intrest me. I am intrested in why we think the way we do,and thus why we act the way we do- as indivuals and as groups. I am a horrid speller. I tend to write in a stream of consiousness style. All these "I" statements are driving me a little insane. End thought.
Interests I love to learn. The best thing is life is when someone "brain fucks" you. When you share a moment in time with someone that is amazina and indescribable. When we are truly connected to another. This is what intrests me and drives me- true connectivity, with oneself and with the society in which we live. I also love to read, and I could not imagine my life without art and music. I am a feeler but recently came to the discovery that my ideal future partner may actualy be a math science person... hmm. :)
Favorite Movies Natural Born Killers, Alice In Wonderland, Fight Club, Girl Intrupted, Spun
Favorite Music Dave Matthews Band, Matisyahu, Akon.. I REALLY REALLY LOVE MUSIC.. the list would go on and on and on.. I love world music, but need to gain more. I love music in every genre and am always intrested in finding new music. Suggestions are VERY welcome:)
Favorite Books Oh where to start? Anything by Chuck Palhniuk, Malcom Gladwell, Paulo Coelho, Haurki Murakami My favorite book is by Mario Puzo- Fools die. I READ A LOT... Music whore book slut :)

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

Story of O style- the color won't matter.