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Gender MALE
Location Astroland, Planet Earth
Introduction I'm in my 40's and live and work in South Florida.
Since 2000 or so I have kept a website about my extensive Houston Astro baseball card collection at http://www.astroland.net.
Back in '05, I founded The Crawfish Boxes, which became under my direction the web's leading blog about the Houston Astros baseball club. Disgusted at the workload-to-pay ratio, and by the arrogance of sabermetricians, and close to devastated by the Mitchell report and its implications about the complicity of Houston Astros management, I left TCB at the beginning of 2008, promising my readers there that I would be starting a music blog.
This, finally, is that blog.
Interests Provocative music, Houston Astros baseball, science fiction, banging on things, watching stuff explode, complaining about the behavior of idiots
Favorite Movies Apocalypse Now, Chinatown, Sid and Nancy, River's Edge, and other such lighthearted fare.