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Occupation SAHM
Location Fingerlakes, New York, United States
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Introduction I'm a Mom and everything that goes with being a Mom. I'm married for a million years and still counting. I'm here to tell the tail of be being a Mom. I may even take breaks for any reason but I will return at some point. I also cover current events that I'm interested in as well. Anything goes as far as what I write about.
Interests blogging, spending time with my family, reading books, watching tv
Favorite Movies Would someone please tell me what movies are? With kids in the house I tend to only watch kid freindly ones.
Favorite Music From Reba to Mettallica. I tend to have favorite songs than music. Since having an iPod it's made it so much easier for me to listen to music. No more buying CD's just for a song or two. And don't worry I use iTunes.
Favorite Books The Out of Sync Child, Odd Thomas, and just about any book I pick up.

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

A turtle can be naked when someone takes the shell of it's back. Or when the turtle's hot girlfriend comes over!