About me

Location British Columbia, Canada
Introduction indefatigable pr. in-di-fa'-ti-g&-b&l 1. adj. incapable of being fatigued; tireless 2. proper noun British Navy frigate; cf CS Forrester's Horatio Hornblower books

I homeschool my kids and train my dogs.
My partner in life is Roo. Amelia is 18. Hugo is 14. Daisy CRN-MCL is an 9 year old Malamute X rescue. Darwin is an 8 year old pb English Setter rescue. Bear is a big old hairy dog who refuses to leave. (Not our real names but if you know us you'll figure it out. Dogs' names are real. They don't worry about stalkers.)

The kids are loosely following the Well Trained Mind classical education model. The dogs are clicker trained. We worship at the altar of Sue Ailsby, Karen Pryor, Sophia Yin etc. I yell, but I rarely bite.
Interests dogs, dogs, dogs, homeschooling, classical education, parenting, literature, politics, sifting through kitty litter, trying not to poke eye out with knitting needles, reading, writing, personal growth, winning free trips & ZUMBA!