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Introduction Hi, my name is Becca, and this is my blog all about the joys of food and cooking. Before I embarked on my degree (which was English Lit, since you ask), I spent a year working in the pastry section for a fine dining restaurant, and this is where I really did find what was important to me and what got me excited - food. Specifically, yummy gooey, chocolatey delicious treats that, let's be honest, get most of us excited. Well, after a year of working there I realised I enjoyed my life too, which I was severely missing out on, so I left and now cooking is back to being an enjoyable hobby :-) Trouble is, I still crave that element of creativity and an outlet for my foodie obsessions. So here I am writing this blog as a way of saving friends and family from the endless conversations (is it still a conversation when one person just talks AT the other one??) about all things food. So, I hope to give you great recipes, and share my experiments in the kitchen (good and bad!) along the way. Good luck to us all!! Becca xxx