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Introduction I've lived on Boston's South Shore for 21 years now. Growing up in North Carolina, I rode my twelve-speed all around my hometown, keeping track of bicycle-friendly routes on a street map with a red felt-tipped pen. I stopped riding in college but started again as an adult in my mid-20’s. I first purchased a Raleigh C-30 hybrid, and five years ago I upgraded to a 2006 Raleigh Cadent road bike. I work at a large arts organization, music being my other main passion. My iPod library contains operas, The Clash, Billy Joel, Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies, Einstein on the Beach, the Talking Heads, Debussy Preludes, the Decemberists, Ravel’s complete works for orchestra, Patti Smith, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Brazilian Jazz, two versions of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, The Ramones, and much more … all managing to co-exist somehow. If I ever win a few thousand dollars in the lottery (I’ve given up on the million), I would probably blog as a spectator from the Tour de France, and maybe attempt to ride L’Alpe d’Huez … but stopping every couple switchbacks to e-mail photos to family and friends back home.