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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Location SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, United States
Introduction I believe everything is political, especially sex and religion.
Interests Writing to the exclusion of much else--when I'm unable to write, I read a wide ranging variety of books from novels to current history, I go to matinees with my life long friend the history professor, I think everything is political, so I like politics, stand-up comedy, gender issues, sexual politics, civil rights, humane and healthy local food production, autobiography, poetry, the reasons for the relationships we have, the people we keep. Two of the closest people in my life I have known since the early 1960's. I'm interested in why we feel the way we feel, what we think and why.
Favorite Movies No Country For Old Men, The Lives of Others, In the Valley of Elah, The Good Shepherd, Michael Clayton, Fargo, Syriana, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, The Piano, Taxi Driver, Dog Day Afternoon, The Scent of a Woman, Catch 22, I could go back and back to On the Waterfront, The Rose Tattoo, To Kill A Mockingbird, too long a list to name them all
Favorite Music anything by Bill Evans, anything by Diana Krall, mostly jazz standards and blues, I still like Bob Dylan, Bach, Miles Davis--the early years, So may others, all the jazz giants and the new comers too. And yes, thank you, Rickie Less Jones
Favorite Books Catch 22, Crime and Punishment, Watt, The Horses Mouth, A Modest Proposal, Le Batard, The Idiot, Remembrance of Things Past, Death On the Installment Plan, all of Chang Rae Lee's books so far, Ditto Edwidge Danticat's work so far, Pat Barker's great works of historical fiction about WWI, early Barbara Kingsolver, The Beans of Egypt Main by Carolyn Chute, Marge Piercy's book Sex Wars, Fierce Attachments by Vivian Gornick, it's hard to stop, there are so many. I recently read Fiasco, by Tom Ricks, which left me grief stricken and furious, I'm currently reading Naomi Wolfe's book The Beauty Myth--should be required reading for all women. The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D., thank you Rachel and David, I'm now reading Naomi Klien's book, The Shock Doctrine

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?

I'll just fly.