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Gender MALE
Introduction So I'm kinda offbeat. I'm a good guy with a randomness. I like the 90s and 80s and 50s and some of the 70s and 60s. I'm American and proud of it. I try to be a good Catholic as I don't swear or smoke or drink or drugs or b0ne or watch p0rn0 movies or make p0rn0 movies. Hope you like my offbeat humor. Its all in good fun.
Interests Bad Movies, Good Anime, Good Manga, Sega, Gameboy, God, Tommy Wiseau, Silent Films, Yugioh, Robotech, Fat Chix, The 90s, The 80s, The Early 00s, My Chubby GF. Japan, History, The 1800s, The Early 20th Century, Movies Based On Books Or True Stories, The Holy Bible, Mister Rogers, Fox Kids, Good YTV, 16 Bit Games, 8 Bit Games, 32 Bit Games, Horror, Comedy, Action, Sci Fi, Splatter, Freedom
Favorite Books Riki-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sakigake! Otokojuku, Hokuto No Ken, Bleach, Classics Illustrated Comics, Pretty Much Anything by Go Nagai.