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Gender MALE
Industry Religion
Occupation Chuck Norris doesn't have a will. Invincible people don't need them.
Location Punjab, When Chuck Norris checks his watch, it's always 13:37., India
Introduction Chuck Norris once walked in the opposite direction in the Running of the Bulls. The bulls turned around and ran for their lives.
Interests Chuck Norris never wet his bed as a child. The bed wet itself out of fear.
Favorite Movies If you click on start, run, then type in Chuck Norris you will get a permanent blue screen of death.
Favorite Music Chuck Norris doesn't have a beard on his face. Chuck Norris' beard has a face.
Favorite Books most kids pee their name into snow... Chuck Norris pisses his in concreate...

Chicken monkey shoes?

Chuck Norris does not wear sunscreen. The Sun needs protection from Chuck Norris.