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Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Introduction I started working in animation at the age 15 as an inbetweener. I learned on the job, working on TV commercials from 1985 to 1990. In the summer of 1990 I went to Ireland and applied to work at the Don Bluth's studio and was hired as an Animator. I worked there for four years until Don Bluth and the crew relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to start Fox Animation Studios. I re-joined them there and worked on "Anastasia" for two years. After that I applied to Disney Feature Animation in Burbank and was hired to work on "Fantasia 2000", animating the "Sprite" running away from the "Firebird". After that I worked as a Lead Animator on "The Emperor's New Groove", helped a little on "Tarzan" and became a Supervising Animator on "Home on the Range". During the production of Home on the Range I moved to Disney Florida to work on the, now shelved, production of "My People's". I moved back to Brazil and spent the next four years working as a freelancer Animator on projects such as Disney's "Enchanted", "Axterix and the Vikings", "Proud Family" and “Curious George”. In 2008 I was hired to work on The Secret of the Furious Five and as an Animator on Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".