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Introduction Poland was the 4th biggest ally during World War II but few people seem to be acknowledge this fact. Though the Allies were victorious, Poland was not and as a result of infamous betrayals, languished behind the Iron Curtain for forty-five years. WWII history was then re-written by Churchill in the attempt to diminish Poland’s importance and omit many of her important war contributions. My website and blog are a tribute to the Polish Armed Forces of WWII, and to the Polish men, women, and children who fought so courageously for the freedom of their homeland. It is so important to retell history so that we can understand the past, and be on guard for the future. History is indeed relevant – today more than ever. Visit my website as well: http://www.polishgreatness.com/
Interests World War II History, Poland
Favorite Movies Schindler's List, The Big Red One, Battle of Britain, Stalag 17
Favorite Books A QUESTION OF HONOUR THE KOSCIUSKO SQUADRON FORGOTTEN HEROES OF WORLD WAR II by Lynne Oison and Stanley Cloud William Heinemann, THE LONG WALK: A TRUE STORY OF A TREK TO FREEDOM by Slavomir Rawicz, FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST: THE POLES UNDER GERMAN OCCUPATION 1939-1944 by Richard C. Lukas, STORY OF A SECRET STATE by Jan Karski, ZEGOTA by Irene Tomaszewski and Tecia Werbowski, ENIGMA: HOW THE POLES BROKE THE NAZI CODE by Wladyslaw Kozaczuk and Jerry Straszak