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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Freelance Writer - Escritor - Periodista
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Introduction I started playing with computers at around age 10. But I really got hooked later, at the time of 1200 bps modems, Fidonet-style BBS networks, and x.25 packet switched connections. I live down in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and work writing assorted babbling for the UK based IT news site The Inquirer ( I'm a fan of cross-plaform Java applications, PalmOS, and enjoy using and exploring linux distros. While I can dabble in php3, rexx, and "hello, world" kind of java development, I lack the focus and attention span for elaborate coding, that's why my hobby programming projects never got past a version 0.2. Writing and, perhaps, taking pictures, is what I really enjoy in life, next to good music and cinema. Microsoft, telco monopolies and perhaps laizes-faire capitalism advocates are my pet peeves. I joined the EFF back in 1995 and I'm currently a member of the Free Software Foundation. Mozilla and StarOffice / OpenOffice are my main software darlings.
Interests Programming, Java, Open Source, Linux, PalmOS, rexx, ecology, environment, human rights, progressive, GreenPeace.
Favorite Movies Denise Calls Up, High Anxiety, Manufacturing Consent, 2001, They Live!, Roger and Me, Canadian Bacon, Code 46, Hot Fuzz, Primary Colors, Bowling for Columbine, Bandits, Sunshine,, Life + Debt, El Abrazo Partido, La Crise, The United States of Leland, Victory, The Corporation, JFK, Runaway Jury, Cachimba, April Captains, American Splendor, Idi I Smotri, Come and See, The Man in the White Suit, Machuca, Ray, The House of Sand and Fog
Favorite Music R.E.M., U2, The Cranberries, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette, Moby, Garbage, any good brit-pop.
Favorite Books Just for Fun, Methapors we live by, Fuzzy Math, Manufacturing Consent, Letters from a Nut, Nerds 2.0.1, Salvador Allende - Como la Casa Blanca provocó su muerte