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Introduction HI there! I am a Mom to 2 wonderful kids. My brave and hardworking husband is a firefighter, construction worker and farmer. I have a passion for education and creating fun things to share with others! I love getting inspiration from other bloggers and I hope you'll feel inspired after seeing my blog! This is also a blog about my journey as a room parent (one who plans class parties and coordinates gifts for teachers). It's something I've wanted to do since my children were born. Pretty weird I know. I am also a substitute at my kids' school and really enjoy being there! In my spare time, I clean my house, work out and volunteer at school. That might not sound too exciting to you, but it's a dream come true for this mama who thought she'd have to continue working full time once the kids were born. After 3 years of being torn between working and wanting to be with my kids full time, I was finally able to quit my job of 19 years and focus on being a mom! Why the name 'The Grasshoppers Knee'? Well, it came from when I was young. My parents would say "Molly Marie barely as tall as a grasshoppers knee." I thought it was pretty catchy. Thanks Mom and Dad!