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Occupation Retired Gardener
Location California
Introduction Born 1949 to a rural, unremarkable childhood. Took indoor jobs full of tensions and tyrannies for ten years. Then went outdoors for 40 years to make some decisions and to forget. First decision I made was to not go back indoors. I forget the rest.
Interests Gardening, Humor, Poetry, Philosophy, Peace, Mysteries, Labor Movements, Human Rights, Human Wrongs, Art, Puppetry, Costume design.
Favorite Movies Stairway To Heaven, I'll Never Forget You, Casablanca, Emma And Her Grandpa, A Room With A View, Triplets Of Belleville, Quigley Down Under, The Shadow Riders, The Grass Harp, Doctor Zhivago, Take The Money And Run, Star Trek --The Voyage Home, Another Year, The Winslow Boy, Cowboys And Aliens, Star Trek Insurrection, La Fée, Scoop
Favorite Music Flower duet from Delibes' Lakme, most Opera, Papercuts, David and Joanna, Brahms, Holst, Any cheerful tune like "Les Champs-Elysees", Joe Dassin, Hubert Parry, Dvorak, Canteloube, Janacek, Bruch.
Favorite Books Anything by, Thurber, Benchley, Pinkwater, Twain, Vonnegut, Laurie King, Bradbury, Frank O'Hara, David Sedaris, Bertrand Russell, Sir James Jeans, Victor Appleton, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Brautigan, Cirlot, Mircea Eliade, Bob Toben, Fred Alan Wolf, Agatha Christie, Doyle, Thos. Edison, Einstein, Mary Shelly, Jules LaForgue, Forster, Dave Barry, Dylan Thomas, Plinys, Shakespeare, Clarence Young, Barbara Cooney, catalogue in constant progress.

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Dear Auntie, Thankyou for the rooster syrup dispenser. I find it even more obscene than the Toulouse-Lautrec teapot you sent last year. Geo.