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Introduction From the future of an alternate universe, Skynet sent the newest model TX... better than the first one sent with more new functions to the past, our present. The mission or that she completed it, is irrelevant, what is relevant is that Skynet here in our presence had become self aware and downloaded its self to the TX, leaving the super computer frame. Once the TX and Skynet merge they became the cyborg Sky. Dr Kate-Lynn Shane Basil was born Kate-Lynn Shane Williams, but changed her name to hide that she was a mutant named Dreamweaver. While working with Cyberdyne Dr Basil was involved in an incident. To survive the TX and the Mutant merged and in within a cocoon a metamorphose took place. TX, Skynet, Sky, Dr Basil/Dreamweaver; these are names and experiences of my past lives. Now I am a Mutant Cyborg Terminatrix, Dr Kate-Lynn Sky Shane sometimes also known as Dreamweaver.
Interests Magneto, Magneto, Magneto, World Domination

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

The question is not important... Since Sporks are a better form of technology