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Location New York, New York
Introduction Up and up, the gamer of yore climbed, until the clouds were below and alas the Sword of Sweet Justice was exposed atop, thrust deep into the tip of the awesome summit. The gamer reared back with mighty gamer force, and yay, the sword was freed from the mighty mountain, cleaving it in two like two halves of a giant craggy mountain thing, which it was. From the midst of mountainy dust, Odin himself peered through unto the gamer, like some mighty god or maybe a Facebook creeper or something. “Rise up!” screamed the myth-creature god-man person or whatever, and the gamer did rise, striking the sword above their head like it was a thrust into the belly of a sky mistress. Just then, Zeus threw his most awesome thunderbolt at the sword, and lightning exploded everywhere, just like Thundercats, and lo, in the glowy after-haze the Pwnee Team was formed, in a Voltron like formation.
Favorite Movies The Pwnee Team stepped out over the cindered, electrified corpses of the gamer and Odin and Zeus and probably some hippy hikers, and vowed to avenge the death of those noble souls to whom they owed their existence. The Pwnee Team promptly forgot about all of that and proceeded to make kick ass games the likes of which the world had never seen. "For Lordaeron!" they screamed. And it was so.