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Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Introduction She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand Like a lizard on a window pane
Interests melbourne, urban decay, city, urban adventures, buildings, trams, street vendors, florist, south melbourne, vic market, sky scrapers, glass elevators, hidden side streets, cobblestones, revolving doors, footsteps echoing in dark alleys, hustle, noise, people, traffic, the city at night, lights, twinkle, yarra river
Favorite Movies rear window, rebecca, roman holiday, fast times at ridgemont high, heathers, pulp fiction, the cat's meow, picnic at hanging rock, the royal tenenbaums, the virgin suicides, lost in translation, cherish, trust, dogfight, american beauty, the sure thing, kill bill, better off dead, secretary, high fidelity, singles, almost famous, say anything, nurse betty, bridget jones' diary, puberty blues, anything by tim burton, croupier, love actually, igby goes down, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, wet hot american summer, closer
Favorite Music crowded house, tori amos, air, nin, david bowie, blondie, blur, pulp, elvis costello, elvis presley, the beatles, nirvana, nick cave, the white stripes, kate bush, jeff buckley, split endz, badly drawn boy, 80s, mozart, smashing pumpkins
Favorite Books neil gaiman, house of leaves, insane female protagonists, 19th century social commentary, douglas coupland, travel books, jeffrey eugenides, O, capote, du maurier, lewis carroll