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Gender MALE
Location Birmingham, AL, United States
Introduction Jamie Lewis is an MBA from the University of South Carolina and is obsessed with picking up completely unnecessarily heavy shit and making it look easy. His training style is extremely unconventional, engaging in what most would consider to be a massive amount of overtraining, yet managing to be exceedingly strong and maintaining a bodyfat percentage low enough for his six pack to be visible through his child's large t-shirts. He's also an NSCA and ACE certified personal trainer who's worked at Iron Sport Gym in Philly, in addition to a variety of shitty commercial gyms (ahem, Bally's, ahem), and has worked as a BodyPump and BodyCombat instructor. Additionally, he is the all-time world record holder at 181 with a 1705 total and has tied the world record for raw, wrapless squat at 650.
Interests Waxing philosophical, physical culture, reading, writing, belittling others, watching movies, and sundry other activities.
Favorite Movies Way of the Gun, The Devil's Rejects, Anchorman, Nowhere, Dodgeball, Step Brothers, The Stink of Flesh, Freddy Got Fingered, and any other offensive and/or violent movie of which you could think.
Favorite Music Currently in rotation: Trash Talk, Swamp Thing, Sikth, Killwhitneydead, Ceremony, Hatebreed, No Zodiac, Reign Supreme, Surge of Fury, and Crucified.
Favorite Books Dracula, Prince of Many Faces; Gates of Fire; Kung Fu High School; Starship Troopers; I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell; The Alphabet of Manliness; Gladiator