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Gender Male
Industry Biotech
Occupation Quality Engineer
Location Florida, United States
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Introduction I'm for the most part only interested in things that are extremely good or extremely bad; extremely smart or extremely dumb. Most of the stuff in between doesn't really grab me. I have no mental disorders as far as I know, though my acquaintances may testify to the contrary. I'm an engineer because all the computer science jobs got outsourced. I'm also currently contributing to the bimonthly publication Otaku USA. It's about cartoons and comicbooks. This, incidentally, is also what my life has been about since I was 12. Which from a maturity standpoint, I pretty much still am. Enough people are starting to believe my false claims of expertise that I'm starting to think I should perhaps write a book. But I'm not a real writer. I'm creatively bankrupt and can only take ideas other people come up with and run with them.
Interests anime, manga, videogames, movies, TV, professional wrestling, podcasting, writing, lying about my interests and myself
Favorite Books I can't read

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