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Industry Government
Occupation Science Genius Girl
Location Indp, Indiana, United States
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Interests ab fab, abandoned places/buildings, aggrotech, alliteration, amsterdam, andy, andy warhol, animal rights, art therapy, astrology, baking, being alone, bellydance, beth ditto, black-frame glasses, blue nail polish, body acceptance, bonnie parker, bubble tea, candles, cardigan sweaters, carl sagan, cats, cemetaries, coffee, coldwave, comic books, communism, conspiracy theories, crayons, creepy electronica, cult religion, death, destruction, disco, dumpster diving, eavesdropping in restaurants, ebm, fake red hair, female mayhem, female pron, ghost stories, ghosts, historical architecture, hot air balloons, how brains work 101, human interaction, hussy-red lipstick, indie movies, industrial music, iyengar yoga, japanese culture, jenna jameson, jewish culture, joan crawford, kink, languages, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender rights, libra, macro-social work, marine wildlife, marxism, maude, mental health education, mental health reform, mental illness, mix cd's, mix tapes, mr. spock, naps, neuro-research, nip/tuck, notebooks, oscar wilde, ouija boards, pit bulls, planets&stars, poland, polka dots, pop art, positive body images, pretending i'm normal, psychiatric social work, reading, red pop, rotties, sabrina the teenage witch, salem, sarcasm, sci-fi, scrabble, secret societies, serial killers, sharpies, silent films, social anthropology, social reform, social work, socialism, sock skating, star trek, star wars, stephen hawking, sushi, swimming, the golden girls, the ian curtis dance, urban decay, urban exploration, vernor's gingerale, walks in the night, wm3, writing, x-files, zombies
Favorite Movies 24 hour party people, american psycho, clockworkorange, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, fight club, ghostworld, gingersnaps, gummo, hackers, hairspray, harold and maude, heavenly creatures, in my skin, julian the donkey boy, may, office space, pecker, return of the living dead, royal tennebaums, rushmore, say anything, secretary, serial mom, session9, silence of the lambs, slums of beverly hills, the virgin suicides, welcome to the dollhouse
Favorite Music a faulty chromosome, abba, afi, air, ak3, anagram, anything box, argyle miss, atari teenage riot, atmosphere, aviador dro, beck, billy bragg, bjork, black strobe, book of love, brian the machine bot, candy lux, carly simon, the jam, cassette, cherry bikini, cherry marbles, chicks on speed, clear static, damien rice, david bowie, dead kennedys, dead kids disco, depeche mode, digitalism, disco disco, dresden dolls, dressy bessy, droom, electrocute, electronic subsouth, elliot smith, faux pop, fwd:, get up kids, god damn electric bill, gw2m, hong kong counterfeit, hyper bubble, ima robot, joan jett, johnny cash, joy division, ladytron, laurie anderson, lolly pop, lou reed, love of diagrams, megatronix, mignon, ministry, morrissey, my bloody valentine, my life with thrill kill kult, nancy sinatra, new amsterdams, new york dolls, nico, niedtlich, orange 9mm, PJ harvey, peaches, pink spiders, poe, portishead, pretty girls make graves, quiero star, revolting cocks, riothead, riviera f, rusk has, saigon disco, samiam, scissor sisters, sensor groove, siouxsie and the banshees, squarepusher, suede, super jupiter, talking heads, the cramps, the faint, the gossip, the postal service, the smiths, the style council, the velvet underground, tori amos, turin brakes, underworld, weezer, wilco, zeitman
Favorite Books This is endless.