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Introduction Here are some of the things that I love... I love my children, grandchildren and family and find being with them all a great joy as they teach me so much about myself and the world and our place within it and also about how to be in harmony. I love to be with my friends and walk the beach at sunrise or sunset and have deep and meaningful conversations, or conversation about things that amuse us or even make us cry... I love planet Earth and all her gifts - her beaches, her deserts, her dolphins and whales, her bird life, her rainforests, and all her natural wonders ... but most of all I love Earth's people in all their colours, shapes and sizes! I love writing, I love to paint, I love music and can sing and dance all day long and I think music is a gift from the angels and that nothing can lift our mood as easily as music that speaks to our soul ... smile.... I love my work as a researcher for I get to travel and lecture all over the world and meet incredible people. I love people who honour their own intelligence and do their own research about things that interest them rather than believe hearsay and gossip ...