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Introduction Let's just say I'm muddling through this life just like everyone else is...only I happen to know a lot about INTERIOR DESIGN. Yes. I capitalized it. It's my passion, and I love it! I've touched every aspect of the design industry since obtaining my B.S. in Interior Design at Virginia Tech 17(gasp!) years ago. From designing products to designing interiors to selling and marketing the industry to consulting for REALLY big home retailers, I've seen it and I've done it all. Now I own a design school that teaches people with a lot of passion and a lot of ambition to make designing their career. I've also learned that design has little to do with aesthetics and more to do with emotion. Aesthetics cannot thrive without emotion. Without it, a pretty picture in a magazine is just a pretty picture, and it will eventually fall flat on its glossy face. I am here to show you How To Love Your Space. The beauty is that in going through the process, you will also learn how to TRULY love yourself! ;-)