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Industry Arts
Location United States
Introduction Here is what Miss Anabel would like you to know about her.

She grew up thinking she was born in a small French town, however, it may have been a small American town that looked and sounded French. She’s never been quite sure.

By day, Anabel is an expert at fitting men into suits, and by night, she is quite adroit at getting men out of their suits. She lives in a tiny, very-French looking flat upstairs from a patisserie, watching the gentlemen come and go from the dimly lit tavern next door while sizing them up for suits and erotic romance. Her cat, Jacques, watches with her, giving his approval or disapproval with the switch of his tail.

When she is not romanticizing about her would-be biography, Anabel is actually a very suburban professional something or other, who writes contemporary romance, mysteries and other fun stuff. She knows only a handful of French words, but truthfully, isn’t our sultry mademoiselle and her discerning feline a lot more interesting?
Interests Travel! Anabel has been to Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, and Singapore! OH! How she'd like to visit Germany, Switzerland, and her adopted home country, France!
Favorite Movies Anabel is not sure she should list these titles here. ;)
Favorite Music Addicted to Love, Breathe, Father Figure, Kokomo, Just Dance
Favorite Books Ohhh... Candy?

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Perhaps... the spoon had an encounter with the knife and became a fork?