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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Columbia Parkinson's Support Group
Location Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Introduction The Columbia Parkinson's Support Group (CPSG) was formed to provide SUPPORT, INFORMATION, EDUCATION, and to create AWARENESS for Parkinson's Disease (PD) patients; their care partners and caregivers; family members; and others who are working in related fields or have an interest in Parkinson's disease. Our support group offers the Parkinson's community a safe environment to obtain encouragement and support; news and information about PD research; clinical trials; information about special PD events and educational programs; other opportunities and information.
Interests Parkinson, balance problem, basal ganglia, bradykinesia, brain disorder, cogwheel rigidity, DBS, deep brain stimulation, disease, dopamine, dopamine agonists, dyskinesia, gait problem, gene therapy, levodopa, motor system disorders, movement disorder, neuro-disease, neurons, neurology, MAO-B inhibitors, postural instability, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, motor skills, postural instability, rigidity, slowness of movement, stem cells, substantia nigra, support group, tremors