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Introduction My name is Cordelia Lee. Cordy for short. As a female growing into womanhood, I’ve always felt a disconnection to my experiences. I was awkward in expressing my womanhood as I carried shame for a long time because of sexual molestation as a child. Shame too regarding my underweight body, subconsciously shaped by my teenaged anorexia nervosa trauma. For a long time I was underweight until spiritual awakening happened.  I’d written a memoir on my life journey, detailing how I overcame the many challenges in my life included sudden sensitivity to invisible subtle energies. To manage it, I learned meditation. These sensitivities have led me to become a meditation teacher, sound healer & author.  Ever since I became a mother, I mostly stay at home to take care of my son. It is because of Patrick I’m writing this blog. He was first diagnosed with liver disease linked to Biliary Atresia & later Alagille. This is also for baby Ibrahim of Medan, Indonesia. His liver condition is biliary atresia. I pray for the best for you, and strength with courage to your mother. If by some miracle we meet again, I hope to see you in good health. Mummy Tia, you are doing all you can. Don’t lose hope.