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Gender MALE
Occupation There is a job, and I work my rodent ass off doing it well.
Introduction Well... Never been a boring vato,that's for sure. *striking up a cig from behind my ear in a flip-swish of a chrome playboy zippo, cornering it as I think a sec on words* Put it simply, raised Cali street... caught a job that uses my skills for good, and I've been "around the bend" so many times I am officially insane.... and that's not even the surface. You want to get to know me, keep following the blogs.
Interests Drawing Tattoos/Manga/Comics, Writing Songs/Poems/Stories, Music in general, Gaming, Martial Arts Muay Thai Pro/Eskrima/Others
Favorite Movies Fav's... More like favorite genre. Anime & Cartoons, Serious Action - Particularly Jet Li and Tony Ja, Gore & Slasher movies - They crack me up
Favorite Music Rock, Alternative Rock, Rap, Low Rider Oldies (yes there is a diff), some Dance
Favorite Books I'm more of a listener than reader but I am striving to increase my reading skills. Basically I love adventure and horror- like James Rollins and Dean Koontz or John Saul and Terry Brooks., Romance kinda type stuff- but not the foofoo crap girls read. It has to be kickass and or Interesting like- Joey Hill and Kenyon or Fehan and Kendrick or... well many others., It doesn't matter if its F/M, M/M, or a full on orgy mix... its the story that gets me.