Robert Saint John

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Writer, Marketer, Inventor and Perpetual Business Plan Author
Location Cleveland, OH, United States
Introduction --- Marketing professional in the interactive television industry. Father to a chihuahua and indeterminate number of cats. Avid fan of most things geek (sci-fi, tabletop games, etc), reading and writing, and music all over the map.
Reach me by email at robert AT!
Interests --- 1999, 3d graphics, anime, arrested development, babylon 5, barbe saint john, blake's 7, boosh, cats, chihuahuas, classic films, coffee, cthulhu, cybermen, cyberpunk, daikaiju eiga, daleks, day of the dead, dean learner, digital art, digital video, doctor who, drwho, dvds, galactica, gaming, garth marenghi's darkplace, danger man, gerry anderson, halloween, hp lovecraft, indie film, internet, japan, japanese toys, life on mars, lost, matt berry, metagaming, microgames, mid-century modern design, millennium, miniatures, the mighty boosh, mp3s, mst3k, mythology, new wave, od&d, osr, paranormal, pendragon, pin-ups, politics, poser, the prisoner, punk, richard ayoade, rich fulcher, rpgs, saints & sinners, sci-fi, science fiction, secret agent, shag, snuff box, star blazers, star trek, swords & wizardry, suicide girls, taschen, the 80s, the fantasy trip, thousand suns, tiki, trek, traveller, truespace, UFO, uk, video, wargames, x-files, yamato
Favorite Movies --- 007, alien, aliens, alien 3, anime, batman, blade runner, bourne, brazil, classic films, cleopatra, cloverfield, the dark knight, the day the earth stood still, edward scissorhands, the empire strikes back, gamera, ghost in the shell, gits, godzilla, heat, his girl friday, horror, inception, indiana jones, indie films, japanese film, kaiju eiga, lawrence of arabia, lord of the rings, mothra, my neighbor totoro, the nightmare before christmas, quatermass, shaolin soccer, spirited away, star trek, star wars, superman, thin man, you only live twice
Favorite Music --- 4ad, 80's, 80s music, akira ifukube, bbc radiophonic workshop, andrew eldritch, danny elfman, christopher franke, clan of xymox, cocteau twins, dead can dance, electronic, ELO, everything but the girl, exotica, garbage, murray gold, jerry goldsmith, gothic, matt berry, hiroshi miyagawa, industrial, new wave, nine inch nails, madness, shirley manson, matt johnson, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, mark snow, soundtracks, the pixies, the the, xymox, yoko kanno, suzanne vega
Favorite Books --- douglas adams, martin amis, the art of star wars, isaac asimov, stephen baxter, greg bear, cthulhu, cyberpunk, dune, foundation, william gibson, frank herbert, nick hornby, the lord of the rings, hp lovecraft, shirow masamune, neuromancer, larry niven, lance parkin, h beam piper, jerry pournelle, taschen, thousand suns, jrr tolkien, traveller, hg wells

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

Trick question. They are alike. In my case, both often hurt.