About me

Location Richmond, VA, United States
Introduction Former zinester & punk/diy promoter & event organizer, current academic of sorts, lifelong film nerd. In short, anyway. I also like Sudoku puzzles, knitting, and making my own snack mixes, but that's not particularly relevant to a film blog now, is it?
Interests writing, vegetarian sushi, sleeping, action verbs, animal care, container gardening, cranky bastards on tv, d.i.y., feminism, film history, film theory, fleeting pop culture obsessions, horror movies, knitting, mystery science theater 3000, netflix, nintendo, nintendo ds lite, reading, super nintendo, thai food, vegetarianism, watching movies, zombies
Favorite Movies The Evil Dead Trilogy, Ed Wood (the movie), F for Fake, Ghostbusters, Wet Hot American Summer, Versus, The Apartment, A Dirty Shame, The Trial, Blow Up, Charade, In a Lonely Place, Battle Royale, The Stuff, Jackass: The Movie, Office Space, Death Race 2000, George Romero, Takashi Miike, Sam Raimi, Billy Wilder, old school Peter Jackson, zombie movies, John Waters, Alfred Hitchcock, David Cronenberg, Orson Welles, Todd Haynes, Marx Brothers
Favorite Music Pavement, Elvis Costello, Pulp, Ladytron, The Go-Go's, The Gossip, Franz Ferdinand, Joy Division, New Order, Stephen Malkmus, Outkast, Elastica, Huggy Bear, Sleater-Kinney, Cadallaca, Wilco, Silver Jews, !!!, The Pixies, Milemarker, Portishead, Britpop, synthpop, Does It Offend You Yeah?, Spoon, 1960s French pop
Favorite Books Hunter S. Thompson, Dashiell Hammett, The Master &; Margarita, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, World War Z, non-fiction, books about film and pop culture, Phillip K. Dick, William Shakespeare, 19th century literature, 16th century plays

You can whistle and steam can whistle, so why do you sing in the shower?

I can't whistle.