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Gender Male
Location Hadlow, Kent, United Kingdom
Introduction In November 1999, I moved to Pittswood, a small hamlet about a mile from Hadlow village,a few miles from Tonbridge,in Kent. I immediately set about exploring the local habitat. For the next two years I only casually observed the birds in the area, making a list of what was seen. At the end of 2001 I found myself a patch in the vicinity. taking in most of two 1km squares. (TQ6149 and TQ6249).There were plenty of footpaths and this made it possible for a route in the form of a figure of eight to be made. One loop took in mostly wooded habitat, large gardens, hedgerows, and a nice overgrown, scrubby orchard with a small lake. The other loop took in mostly farmland habitat, sheep and horse grazed fields, cereals and Hadlow College grounds with its stream. I try to do a full walk of my patch on average ten times a month, and try to visit some part of it daily, but it can vary slightly due to holidays and work commitments. I have managed 120 visits per year so far. I record all species seen on each visit and also note large flock numbers.Total species for patch as at 31 Dec. 2013 is 139