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Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation Adventurer
Location Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Introduction Im MAD keen on all sorts of Table Top Games - RPGs: AD&D 1st Edition and Castles & Crusades, Miniatures Games: AE-WWII, Spinespur, 7TV, Cutlass, Ron & Bones, Eden, Judge Dredd, especially Pulp City, Empire of the Dead, Freebooters Fate, ShadowSea, DeepWars, and the Batman Miniatures Game! I Met Gary Gygax once, many moons ago - he was a wonderful man, and a great loss to the Gaming Community at large. I enjoy Cooking, Looking after my Pets, spending Time with my Partner Linda, Reading Comics and Graphic Novels (especially Judge Dredd and Batman), and I am a HUGE DC Comics Fan! I love Watching Pirate and Old Horror Movies, Superhero Movies and TV, Cult TV Shows, Painting Miniatures, Dungeon Mastering, Playing Skirmish Wargames, and generally goofing around. I enjoy Cooking, Looking after my Pets, spending Time with my Partner Linda, Reading Graphic Novels, Watching Pirate and Old Horror Movies, Cult TV Shows, and generally goofing around.
Interests Cooking, Animal Care & Rescue, Reading, Creative writing, Pen and Paper Rpg's, Proof-Reading, History, Mythology, Archeology, The Occult. Movies - Pirates, Swashbucklers, Classic Horror, Film Noir. Comics - Ultraverse, Project Superpowers, DC New 52, Weird War, & Hellboy
Favorite Movies Superhero Movies & Animation, the DnD Movies (yes I like them - I'M the one), Flight of Dragons, Outlander, Pirate Movies, Deathstalker II is the best worst film EVER! Plus loads more - too many to mention! Most 1930's/1940's Film Noir. Universal and Hammer Horror Movies. Abbott & Costello Movies.
Favorite Music Movie OST's, Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. Most Rock - in particular Rainbow, Kiss, and Deff Leppard. Old Musicals.
Favorite Books Any/All Michael Moorecock, The Thongor Series, The Ringworld Books, and/all Lovecraft. Books on Classic Horror Movies, Books on Pirates. History Books, Hellboy Books and Comics/Graphic Novels, Project Super Powers, Ultraverse. DC Comics, some Image and Valiant.