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Introduction is a blog where my husband and I want to share our experiences as we bring up our child. We have a two year old who is very curious, energetic and always on the go, and a lot of times we find it challenging just to keep up with her. I am always thinking about what should I do today that is a little different from yesterday so that she does not get bored, and we go through some interesting activity rather than not doing anything. We read books for her, play with blocks, play with toy trains, cars, stuffed toys, play-doh, color with crayons, watch a little TV (which is now tending to become rather a lot of TV as her demands grow). We are reaching out to fellow parents who have kids of similar age, younger or older, to share their ideas and thoughts on what they do with their kids both when they are indoors and outdoors, how they plan their days around the kid/s, and their challenges if any and how they worked around them. - Anita & Sriram