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Occupation creative
Location London, United Kingdom
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Introduction Sometime whilst you were sleeping on the dark side of Earth a mysterious craft entered the atmosphere. There are reports that the occupants of this craft have uploaded and are streaming hardwire information onto the mainframe network of the world. The F.S.I has been trying to delete this information from the network systems before it reaches the public domain. When we questioned the K.D.F.S regarding this incident they said they had no comment. We can however reveal today that this hardwire information has some very unusual properties, certain information, frequencies and lines embedded within it's signal can lead to the self Other properties of this signal are not fully understood though it is said that it has the ability to create links into self awareness and self empowerment within humans. Due to the sensitivity of this information and it's implications we feel it is our duty to make you aware of this recent development. Further to this we add that people who are experiencing "FUTURE SHOCK" or "SYSTEM SHOCK REALITY” may find something within the signal that will let them know they are not alone.
Interests Earth, music, Space, sound vision, creatives, growth, expression, people, places, unification
Favorite Movies The Cut, https://archive.org/details/ThrCutChapter01
Favorite Music Wide and varied

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:

Remember that progress should not cost the earth. Do not sell out the world.