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Introduction I've started this blog as catalog/display for my artwork, particularly my ongoing projects. At the moment, that means "Shell Game" (where I buy clothing, alter the clothing in ways that are not immediately perceptible, like lining a pocket with pink fake fur or painting on an underskirt, and then return the clothing in the hopes that my altered pieces will be resold and/or found, creating moments of the inexplicable, critiquing consumer culture, tricking people into buying art, etc.), "Post-it Books" (where I write stories on post-it notes, and stick them in library books in such a way that they entwine with and riff off of the original story), and my paintings (which are, well, paintings). I would say more about me in this "About Me", but the sneaky nature of some of my recent work begs a bit of stealth-mode. Suffice to say that I am very very good looking.