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Industry Education
Occupation Uh....Educator?
Location Modesto, Ca, United States
Introduction My path has led me to the most unlikely of careers, high school English Teacher! I love what I do and believe that it is something that I have been called to do. I have a deep love for music, gaming, movies, books, really anything with a good story. If I weren't doing this I would probably be working on writing somewhere (TV, Film, Games, Comics, Novel...)
Interests Books. Learning. Learning about books. Gaming. Clawing my way to the top of the leaderboard in Pac-Man CE for the Xbox 360. Playing music with anyone who will sit in with me. Raising children (my own). Staying in the good graces of my lovely and exceedingly patient wife. Avoiding lapdogs. Saving the planet. Comic books. Living heroicly without wearing a superhero suit. Helping people. Deep Thinking. Acting on Deep Thinking. I'm certain there is more but this is all you get for now...
Favorite Movies I have a special place in my heart for "B" quality film. Call it an indulgence. Uve Bolle films with the commentaries turned on are, in one word, priceless. The list is as follows and in now particular order. Lord of the Rings Akira Final Fantasy:Advent Children Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Iron Man The Dark Knight Star Wars (original trilogy) The Matrix "Spagetti" Westerns John Wayne Films Cohen Bros. Films Geeze, I am all over the place with this list!!!
Favorite Music I listen to a lot of stuff! Alternative (which has become less alternative and more mainstream, ironically!) Folk (really singer/songwriters) Metal/Rock (screaming guitars and amazing fretwork) Here is what is in my PSP right now: Coheed and Cambria: Fav Track: The End Complete Dashboard Confessional: Fav Track: Screaming Infidelities Death Cab for Cutie: Fav Track: What Sara Said U2: Fav Track: A sort of homecoming Buffalo Tom: Fav Track: Soda Jerk Rush Fav Track: Red Barchetta Flyleaf: Fav Track: Fully Alive Gorillaz: Fav Track: Kids with Guns Radio Head: Fav Track: High and Dry The Smiths: Fav Track: Heaven knows I'm miserable now The Shins: Fav Track: New Slang The Pixies; Fav Track: Monkey gone to Heaven There are more but you surely get the picture...
Favorite Books This list is way to long for words, but it suffices to say that as an advocate of the Public Library System and lover of the written word I read a lot of books. Recent books are: The Historian World War Z John Adams House Anything Ray Bradbury, Louis Llamour, and Orson Scott Card.

Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

This question sucks! Bard's sing songs not shoot people full arrows! It's like a lost scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." sigh.... I would burst out into song...much like a musical. Think "Dr. Horrible" meets "School of Rock."