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Occupation Enjoying every day as much as I can
Location Queensland, Australia
Introduction I will add to this space as time goes on--- lots to include!! Maybe when you read my stories you'll discover things about me that are more interesting than me just listing items here! As a hint-- I love to write, and let my imagination take me away - sometimes I will write silly stuff, because - Why Not? Life is for living and having fun and if I can enjoy sharing my silly thoughts, I hope that you will enjoy reading them! Please leave your comments--I would love to read about your thoughts on my stories....
Interests Happily, I retired early! I have been many people and had many interests: a student, a check-out chick in a grocery store, a security guard, a teacher, a farmer's wife on a wheat and sheep property in Australia, a coldroom and refrigeration manufacturer, a financial consultant, and have held many positions at a university here. Now I am happily retired, and have become a house renovator and a life liver
Favorite Movies Too many--But the good ol' classics have to rate a mention: The Goonies, Stand by Me, The Big Chill, Chorus Line, Notebook, Action Films, (the list goes on...)
Favorite Music I love all music--jazz, pop, some classical, and musicals---I LOVE musicals --the ol' romantic comes to the forefront - much to the chagrine of my family!!! "Poor them!", she smiled, with an mischievous glint in her eye!
Favorite Books At one stage I would have said anything written by Stephen King, or Patricia Cornwell--but my tastes are changing. I've recently found a new delight in reading again--something I haven't enjoyed for a while, and I loved the last book I read by Michael Robotham and am currently reading Harlan Coben--I like his style!!!

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

As quietly as you can - they hate to be disturbed!