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Introduction about me name :Nazyrah Nyka old:13old Relationship : ♥ I LURVE MY MD SYAZWI HUSIN ♥ ♥ gaya:nakal , gylak2 buduw2 , sowt2 , tubal , kuat ngolo urnk :p n jajal d squll ♥ SAYA BENCI ORNK Y BNCI SAYA JUGA , SO ! I GIVE UU FUCK OF FR THE HATE MEE !!!┌∩┐ chientha M E M E N K ♥ (jusz add me : Nazyrahnyka NAsir ) heylo heylo !i'm nyqa..datz my short name and easy for u all too call me. u all get it? yeah! diz year im sweet 13! >i love being myself even i know i have alot of weakness and i realize that im NOT A PERFECT GIRL! But I’m still happy with my life as long no one disturb me! i love all my friend and i will care our friendship until i die! dun u all eva n eva separate or take all my lovely friend yarh! i hate people who talking SHIT bout me! dun u all think that u all so good! i hate people like that.diz is myself and i always being me oke! if u all hate me FUCK OFF! i dun care what u all think bout me! for who want to be my friend and wanna know more about me, juz add me oke. hopefully u all happy to make friend with me because i'vetold the truth and nothing too hide.FULLSTOP! i don't judge peopLe, or Label peopLe, unLess you Label yourseLf.SHIT FUCK OFF !!!! _|_